Out. Of. Control. (2)

https://i0.wp.com/www.wholeheartedleaders.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/popularity.jpgIn the last 30 seconds or so, I’ve had a quick check of the ‘blog stats’ for those several recent postings that have concerned themselves with the BBC’s increasingly naked pro-Tory bias: in case you’re wondering, I can reveal that the most-read posting at this particular moment is the third in the sequence labelled ‘Tory! Tory! Tory!‘ — with a grand total of 33,322 views.

(Oops! There have now been a few more! Revised current total: 33,327 views…)

(Oh, wait: now it’s 33,334 views…)

With such an immense number of eyeballs staring at such a huge number of screens, it’s probably inevitable that some of the messages I’ve received in response are both insulting and vapid — all the more so when one remembers that what is under discussion is a behemoth like the BBC: an organisation whose size, history and ostensible function lend it something of a familial and even parental quality in many people’s minds — and thus make ‘Auntie'(!) a psychologically potent force within their own personal psychic struggle. Several of these somewhat disappointing messages I have saved up so I can respond to them in a single posting; one of them I want to address here.

It was sent by someone whose identity was concealed, but who very plainly didn’t like the posting that appeared as ‘Out. Of. Control.‘ — you remember, the one that was mostly a screenshot of a new BBC pamphlet which revealed that, as of May 2017, the Corporation reserves the right to grass you up to your employer if it finds you engaging in certain behaviours. Here’s the most printable relevant part of the message I received: Continue reading