dailystigma.jpgYes, it was a ‘tabloid’; and yes, I had been angling to do some music-related writing for it. And, no, I’m not paying any attention to your raised eyebrows. For one thing, I’m more interested in providing that paper’s readers with something worthwhile to read than I am in keeping my authorial soul unspotted. For another, while I acknowledge that there aren’t many daily titles in Britain’s media sewer that are worse than that one, I’d also say that nothing else can credibly claim to be all that much better: certainly from where I sit, all elite-serving industrial journalism looks pretty much the same, whatever size the pages or the vocabulary.

And, in any case, my attempts ultimately came to naught — albeit in the most revealing way. I didn’t stop — nor would you have wished me to! — after ‘Thank you for your interest’; nor did I flag when one supplementary email after another went unacknowledged. And eventually, after more late-afternoon dialling than I care to remember, I got through to someone important who was prepared to speak and listen, at any rate for 40 or 50 seconds… Continue reading