‘Tory, Tory, Tory…’ (5)

https://us.123rf.com/450wm/fberti/fberti1106/fberti110600062/9856855-money-tree-pound-notes-like-fruits.jpg?ver=6Regular readers will not be at all surprised to hear that I was laughing like fun back on 19 July — and for quite a few days afterwards! — following the BBC’s release of highly embarrassing figures revealing the obscene amounts of money that some — and only some! — of its biggest ‘stars’ are paid.

Needless to say, the most important ‘take’ on these scandalous revelations (you can get the entire document here) is one that no-one else has seen fit to present; so, yet again, it falls to me to do some journalist-impersonator’s job for them. (Don’t worry; it’s no more than I expect. Noblesse oblige, and all that.) Continue reading