‘You’re watching BBC£…’

A little while back, I made a BBC Bias Bingo graphic for people to print out and keep — along with a pen or pencil, of course! — near their favourite chair in the kitchen or living room: as the BBC’s news-replacement services spew their rubbish, folks can then check off the various kinds of spin, distortion and partiality as they observe them.

First person to spot the lot gets … to do the very same thing the next day — and the next day, and the next…

If you didn’t get a copy earlier, feel free to download one now…

“And I want total Brexit! Now!”

Needless to say, while this little item has now been shared around the world, it wouldn’t be true to imply that it has proved universally popular. For reasons that probably — and I say this in all seriousness — will have as much to do with borderline mental illness as with anything else, the UK population contains a considerable number of people for whom the BBC is pure communism: the fact that my graphic didn’t include a single item from what, in the world of bulging eyes and throbbing temporal arteries, is the BBC’s anti-British left-wing Islamic pro-gay terrorist-loving atheist America-hating Europhile world government agenda has simply proved to be too much for some tragic individuals and tottering psychologies to bear.

Meanwhile, my case just goes on building itself.

In fact, the more I have learned about the lives and histories and incomes of the people the BBC sees fit to promote to its most important and influential positions, the more it seems I need to create additional and different BBC Bingo cards…


“Eyes down for a full house and a complete lack of public accountability…”

“Here we go…”

“— Helped to devise Thatcher’s ‘Poll Tax’ ….. Evan Davis…”

“— Is really ‘Lady Brooke’ but we don’t discuss that ….. Sarah Montague…”

“— Professionally entangled with the intelligence and military services he supposedly reports objectively upon ….. Mark Urban…”

One could go on and on.

And, in fact, one will. Because this very day I have had my attention drawn to the latest update of the UK Parliament’s Register of Journalists’ Interests — the purpose of which is to make clear to voters and lawmakers alike the significant financial involvements of those in the media who have access to and report upon what happens in Parliament. According to the Register itself (you can get a pdf copy here)…

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