‘Broken BBC’…?

My title’s question mark I will explain at the end; all that needs to be said at this point is that this little video — which I didn’t make: I found it online just now — uses the simplest imaginable means to highlight an aspect of the BBC’s outrageous political bias that people like me have been complaining about for ages.

View it now, and we’ll talk about it afterwards…

Okay, now that you’ve seen it, here’s my discussion.

First of all, note that this video — made by https://www.thedailypolitik.com/ — juxtaposes well-matched examples: precisely what we need for a proper and meaningful comparison to be made. These two clips, broadcast just a couple of days apart, both come from the same programme (the appalling Newsnight), and both feature the same journalist-impersonator (the shockingly bad Kirsty Wark; current BBC salary more than £200,000 p.a.). On top of this, the ostensible interviewees (neither person is actually subjected to a meaningful interview) are both front-bench parliamentary figures: Amber Rudd is the current Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, and John McDonnell is the official opposition party’s Shadow Chancellor. Short of seeing John McDonnell paired with Philip Hammond, or Amber Rudd paired with Margaret Greenwood, you won’t find a better-matched set of clips anywhere in the real world.

And what is it that we see happening? In the case of Amber Rudd (you can hear see the  )