Neil Clark, CBE

Just a quick — literally 10-minute! — posting before I go to bed…

I suddenly see in a ‘social media’ message from Neil Clark — my respected net-buddy and a terrific journalist (and writer, and broadcaster, and blogger…) whose work for ‘Russia Today’ should be known to everyone in the UK! — that it was 80 years ago today that Britain and its more or less unwilling Empire witnessed the Coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth.

Now, events of this kind are of literally no interest to me; but such is Neil’s ability as a writer and storyteller that I am actually quite curious to know what it is that he has said about this ceremony in the article he has apparently written for something called the Daily Express. (What is that? Is it a publication of some kind?)

As it happens, though, he mentions in his posting that there were ‘some humorous incidents’ during the (non-)event… Continue reading