Normal Country (4)

Good mourning, everybody.

You know, I don’t think anything paints a clearer verbal picture of what has been happening in ‘official’ Britain for the last 24 hours or so than this report from media analyst Mic Wright:

Mere minutes into the BBC’s reporting on the story yesterday, Evan Davis was already reduced to murmuring, “To think, he was the first royal to ever fly in a helicopter.”

On the other hand, if it’s pictorial pictures you want, here are a few whose wordless eloquence you might appreciate:





New Street Station, Birmingham…


Aintree Racecourse, Liverpool…



Oh, and then out come the guns

There must be guns. You have to have guns. Nothing is anything without guns…

Prince Philip told to give up shooting after fears it could affect health  of his heart | Daily Mail Online

Happily, I find that I am not the only person feeling a deep resentment at the way established power — our criminal government at its horned head — is cynically imposing a fake ‘nation united in grief‘ narrative on a population that, for the most part, has to contend with issues vastly more serious than a deceased royal. Word is that the BBC’s instant, push-of-the-button abandonment of its few remaining editorial standards in an obvious attempt, not at reporting, but at actively shaping the ‘national mood’ has angered so many people that a special online portal has been opened for the complaints…


(My advice, of course, is don’t bother: all that will happen if you do is that an investigation into the BBC’s actions will be carried out by the BBC, which, duly finding that the BBC has done nothing wrong, will then send you an emailed BBC response so insultingly dismissive that you will want to punch the person who wrote it.)

Needless to say, among the U.K. population’s component of bootlicking authoritarians are some who see this online portal less as a way of registering dissatisfaction with a broadcaster that has demonstrably been out of control for decades, and rather more as a means whereby the state can identify individuals guilty of thoughtcrime


Normal country.

Totally normal.

So what happens next? Well, on this subject, let me quote Doran’s Third Law — with its handy explanation that wherever there is popular pushback against an establishment project, there will be equal and opposite establishment media pushback against the popular pushback.

Enter Jeremy Vine (BBC salary c. £322,500 in 2020, up from c. £292,500 in 2019):


Right on cue, there — and with a useful reminder that, while there ain’t many things apart from ‘whitewashing elite murder and larceny’ that establishment media lackeys have to be good at, one activity at which they all positively excel is pointing out why ‘right now’ is never the proper time to oppose or criticise the ruling elites.

Note also the inevitable element of misrepresentation in Vine’s text: manipulative stinker that he is, he wants his audience to view the expressed ‘anger’ as tastelessly mis-timed displays of chronic anti-royal sentiment, rather than as topical outrage at the attempted hijacking of an entire population’s emotions and reactions by state institutions with amoral agendas. And if you want a single-word example of the debasement of logic and language that is being employed in this latest elite attempt to create a unifying ‘Diana moment’ without the Diana, ponder the fact that a presenter on this morning’s Today programme chose to describe Philip’s death — the death of a 99-year-old man from natural causes — as ‘a tragedy’.

And if anyone in this brain-damaged country needs help remembering what ‘a tragedy’ actually looks like, I can show them





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5 thoughts on “Normal Country (4)

  1. I find both yourself & Jonathan Cook to be right on target.
    I’m also so very glad I haven’t had a television since the Miner’s Strike. My wireless also remains silent since the morning of Friday, December 13th 2019, immediately after the official announcement of the General Election results. The grossly offensive stench of the BBC and their controllers across general media outlets is 100% intolerable. Keep on writing, Mark. First class stuff. Turn up the heat.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Every word that Mark Doran has written is true.

    The several BBC presenters involved in this endless prop were excruciatingly deferential. Their names escape me.

    More to come of course from the actual funeral which is being televised

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    • Andie pandy is living in luxury in a castle in Scotland. The royals are literally beyond the law.

      It’s utterly understandable for people to find the attempts of the BritNat state to control their emotions, abhorrent, when so many people have lost loved ones due to Covid over the past year, and so many who died far too young too.

      This might be a wake up call to many more people as to just how their own lives, and that of their loved ones come second at best, to those in positions of power.


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