The Happy Event…

“Congratulations! It’s a billionaire!”


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2 thoughts on “The Happy Event…

  1. Yep, hard to believe it’s 2019 it really is. A UKgov actually plunging people into destitution, starving their own people, nevermind what they do to people of other countries.

    I wonder if they will take advantage of the baby box for billionaire sprog? If they have that in England yet?

    There’s a book, ‘Living off the State, a critical guide to royal finance’, by Jon Temple, 2008, Progress books. It’s a tiny insight/examination of facts about just exactly how the the so called royals do their business, and how they are immune literally, to close examination or prosecution if any wrong doings were ever to be exposed etc. It’s over 10 years since it was published, so no doubt the billions these people take, on the backs of the people, will be even more now.

    Scotland is trying to mitigate but with limited £’s and ever tightened purse strings, and now UKgov in London talking about taking control of all of Scotland’s economic powers, it’s really looking like fascism has taken a hold. Scary times.

    Thank for the articles. All the best. Hetty.

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