“The Conservatives have seen a staggering 1,334 councillors voted out of office, and have lost control of 44 councils … in what our media is already describing as ‘a terrible night for Labour’…”



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One thought on “Con-Dem-ned…

  1. Personally, I live in hope that this is the beginning of the end of party politics as we know it in the UK. The monopoly (only superficially a duopoly) of Tories and Labour has become an inert juggernaut of vested interests and career politicians lacking principles and conscience. For all that Doran is correct in observing that the Tories have had far bigger losses than Labour, the latter’s losses bring into question its status as the intuitive “opposition”. Having said that, it is still true that the Tories have fared by far the worst, even after adjusting for the fact that it is usual for the principal party of government to sustain a modest net loss of seats in local elections.


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