‘Er, *no*…’ (2)


What do you do if it’s your job to ‘market’ a marginalised repertoire you know nothing about to a public brought up to associate it with rich people, lonely nerds and fictional serial killers…?


You do the same as every other clueless dullard in the business…


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2 thoughts on “‘Er, *no*…’ (2)

  1. Actually Mark, these paragraphs are quite literate compared to the recent description of the Barber Violin Concerto offered by a certain female presenter on Radio 3, in which she enthused that she loved the piece because it was…. “so melty and delish”.


    • I’d say that these are all symptoms of the same fundamental problem: the professionalised art-music repertoire is now *so far* from ‘normal’ view that there is no non-degrading way of talking about it that has any public ‘purchase’ at all. As a result, we see retreats to the world of the chocolate truffle (‘melty and delish’) on the one hand, and of vicarious Oedipal rebellion (against an imaginary ‘rule book’) on the other.
      In the pop world, a marketer would be regarded as a brand-ambassador imbecile — and rightly — if s/he ever said a new Rihanna release was ‘melty and delish’, or that Travis Scott had ‘re-written the rule-book of rap’ — because everyone knows that (i) these are utterly meaningless statements, and (ii) there are *other things to be said*…

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