‘God bless us, every one!’

Nothing says ‘Christmas in Tory Britain’ quite as loudly as a woman worth well over half a billion pounds sitting in a luxurious gilded interior and quoting the New Testament at a population whose taxes will be used to pay the £369,000,000 needed to renovate the 775-room palace she lives in…

But you can forget all that — because now it’s time for everyody’s favourite multiple-choice seasonal poll! Yes, this blog’s annual exercise in ‘letting the reader decide stuff’ is about to hit the internets!

Here we go…

If the multi-millionaire monarch of a country wracked by manufactured poverty and homelessness wished to appear at once insensitive, tasteless and stupid, what symbol of obscene wealth and wastefulness should she be pictured with…?

Is it:

A) A gold piano of such barbarous gaudiness that not even Donald Trump would give it houseroom…?

Is it:

B) A huge carpet that looks as if a drunken rugby team has used it for a post-curry vomiting competition…?

Or is it:

C) A scarab brooch the value of whose gold, rubies and diamonds would easily buy 10,000 meals for the country’s homeless rough-sleepers…?

Make your choice now…

Merry Christmas, mugs.


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3 thoughts on “‘God bless us, every one!’

  1. Have a good Xmas Mark. Yes ths troughers, ths parasitic lowlifes really do the take th utter rip don’t they. Disgusting, imagine hvg 100 bedrooms spare, ths greedy, selfish gits r the whole bloody problem, thy keep the class ( caste, UK style) system alive and thriving! HOw dare they. Thr can be no democracy with this blatant, ridiculous amount of inequality. Btw she’s had loads of facelifts. All paid for by the people.
    There’s a fab book, ‘Living off the state, a critical guide to royal finance’, 2008, by Jon Temple, Progress books, Touches the iceberg, well worth a read. If you can get hold of it, I think I hv 2 copies so let m eknow if not. All the best. Hetty.
    Ps using tweeter shortening of words to save time…sorry.

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  2. Royal ancestors acquired their wealth via theft and murder; the current mob live off that stolen wealth and create more for themselves via exploitation, rent from stolen land and playing the markets at others expense.

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