— If you are, you really shouldn’t be

Now, it is inevitable — given the times we live in! — that there will be people reading this posting who can’t tell what it is that is so obtrusively wrong with the above.

If you are one of them, let me say this to you:

— Have you ever considered working for the BBC Music Magazine…?


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2 thoughts on “Surprised…?

  1. I don’t really think you believe that Corbyn is the best thing to ever happen and that those who don’t are billionaire 1%’s or BBC Tory enablers.or even think

    the Palestinian people are nothing but semi-human torture-pets

    I think you are saying you do then putting a nice link to your site where you can get lots of lovely popularity and money.
    Nothing wrong with that. But there are some who are taken in by this Conspiracy Theory that is getting hold of Corbyn’s fanclub, the JC4PM supporters because they can see people are leaking away from him (not necessarily Labour) over his Brexit stance.
    I’m sure you’re not so self-happy as to push this further perhaps cause move to up sticks and leave, disgusted by this sudden spreading of obvious oddness.
    All the best!


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