A Fraudcasting Giant…

Tonight is David ‘Bullingdon Boy’ Dimbleby’s final appearance as outrageously biased Chairman of ‘BBC Question Time’ — the flagship BBC public-access current-affairs discussion programme that isn’t actually made by the BBC, but is bought in from a company owned by private equity…

So, on this most emotional of Thursday nights, let’s dip into the QT archive for a look at Dimbleby D’s amazing capital-serving legacy — paid for with a salary that comes from your license-fee, but which you’re not allowed to know about, because the BBC hands it over via a third-party private company and can thus keep the amount *totally secret*…

*     *     *

Dimbleby: Let’s take our first question from a member of tonight’s audience…

Questioner: Haven’t the last eight years of government actions under Conservative Prime Ministers shown that it’s Labour that is the real party of class war and inequality?

Dimbleby: Well, I think that question should go first to Labour Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell…

McDonnell: I think it’s important to begin by emphasising that when the questioner refers to ‘inequality’, she is…

Dimbleby: Excuse me, but this is where I interrupt you right at the start — in a way that’s meant to sound like I’m just innocently checking something, whereas in reality I’m trying to put you off your stroke. You are answering this question as a Marxist? Am I correct?

McDonnell: David, I’ve always made it clear that I have learned from Marx just as I’ve learned from other thinkers.

Dimbleby: So you are a communist, then?

McDonnell: Just call me a common-sense socialist, David, and that’ll be fine. Now, the question was…

Dimbleby: You do realise that socialism has killed 100 million people? And that’s just since this morning…

McDonnell: David, you really are sounding a little…

Dimbleby: Have you ever cooked and eaten a human baby?

McDonnell: What?!?

Dimbleby: Or killed a kitten? Have you ever walked up to a fluffy little kitten and stamped on it?

McDonnell: David, of course I haven’t! And I think I ought to be allowed to answer the question you invited me to answer!

Dimbleby: Well, I think it’s pretty obvious to all of us what kind of answer we’d get from a baby-eating, kitten-crushing communist who never went to Oxbridge and isn’t even a billionaire! So I’m now going to sit here in respectful silence during four outpourings of twisted, canting nonsense from: a rich Tory sociopath committed to private medicine; a conscience-free Liberal Democrat on the make; a highly paid columnist who lies for Rupert Murdoch, and an MEP who’s failed seven times to be elected to Westminster but has still appeared on this programme almost as often as I have. Nigel Farage: what’s your answer to the question…?

*     *     *

David Dimbleby, people.

We shall not see his like again.

If we’re lucky.


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3 thoughts on “A Fraudcasting Giant…

  1. Have you heard yesterday’s BBC coverage of Trump’s decision to end the illegal occupation of Syria — not one mention of the fact that the USA presence in Syria is illegal under international law. Also, it goes on about the USA’s “allies” criticising the decision, including the UK. Well, they do not speak for me. If Trump succeeds in this struggle against the military-industrial establishment and actually gets the troops out of Syria, he would be far more worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize than Obama.


    • Thanks for the Comment, SVM.
      I didn’t pay particular attention to our state-corporate media yesterday; but on social media what was fascinating was to see the ‘liberal celebrity humanitarian war-pig’ outrage boiling over: I saw people like Bette Midler and Mia Farrow slamming the decision to (apparently) end the illegal US occupation of approx. 1/3 of Syria. On the one hand, of course, the liberals were shrieking because anything Trump does has to be wrong; but on the other, there’s what I think is the fact that American liberals just love America’s neoimperial violence. To put it as aphoristically as possible: the ‘We have to do something! Let’s bomb foreign children for their own good!’ crowd are *addicted to war*.
      It’s all a reminder that ‘liberals’ are not actual progressives; are not actually of the left; and are not even reliable allies to them: they love their individual and national self-love more than they love those with whom they should be demonstrating solidarity.


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