‘Lest We Remember…’ (3)

(For the previous postings in this series, see here and here.)

“They said I should stand really still, and try and look sad…”

“Yes; but don’t worry. This doesn’t take long at all.”

“I won’t have to speak afterwards, will I?”

“If anyone asks you to, just string something together that goes ‘noble sacrifice … defence of freedom … cherished moral values…‘ You know,  the usual rubbish.”

“What about ‘must never happen again‘…?”

“Definitely! That always goes down well!”

“You doing anything tomorrow?”

“Massive arms deal with the Saudis in the morning!”

“That’s funny! Same here!”

“Right: we’re done! That’s enough sober remembrance for one year…”

“Well, maybe see you here next November. Or, if not you, someone very, very like you...”

“Indeed. Bye, now!”


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