Saturday Schoenberg (4)

The 75-year-old Schoenberg with conductor and composer Fritz Stiedry, October 1949

No explanation; no apologetics; no theoretical or historico-critical apparatus…

Just Schoenberg works in performances that have caught my ear for what, rightly or wrongly, I think of as the best of musical reasons…

… Plus, wherever possible, a related photograph or two…

You don’t have to like the piece. You don’t even have to listen to it. It’s simply here.

*          *          *

Today’s work:

Dreimal tausend Jahre [‘Thrice a Thousand Years’], for unaccompanied chorus, Op. 50a (1949)

— But first: a recording of the interview that Schoenberg gave to Halsey Stevens in July(?) 1949. [This is included specially for Kathryn P., who wasn’t sure if she’d ever heard it…]

Dreimal tausend Jahre

Text from Dagobert D. Runes (1902-82):

Dreimal tausend Jahre seit ich dich gesehn,
Tempel in Jerusalem, Tempel meiner Wehn!
Und ihr Jordanwellen, silbern Wüstenband,
Gärten und Gelände grünen, neues Uferland.
Und man hört es klingen leise von den Bergen her,
Deine allverschollnen Lieder künden Gottes Wiederkehr.

[[Thrice one thousand years since I saw you,
Temple in Jerusalem, temple of my woe!
And you waters of the Jordan, silver ribbon in the wilderness,
Gardens and fields are turning green, a new land on the shores.
And from the mountains the sound comes softly to the ear,
Your long-lost songs proclaim God’s return.]]



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