6th May…

On Sigmund Freud’s 162nd birthday…

id poster


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One thought on “6th May…

  1. It took me a minute or two Mark … having often walked into the polling station and voted without the officer in charge knowing if I was who I said I was.
    But there are perhaps bigger fish to fry here than mere politics?
    Politics should really start with the drains, and work up from there.

    I thought Osho hit the mark when he said that Freud was right — about Freud. He was lucky to have Jung to follow him, but even he could not see the difficulties inherent in fitting an individual with Darwinian instincts and a Freudian subconscious into an industrial society.
    That went well, didn’t it?

    Darwin gives us inescapable and primitive (primative?) animal instincts.
    Freud tells us our parents have irrevocably fucked us up.
    The priest tells us we’re born guilty …

    Some may prefer the views of F W H Myers, who has no truck with this sort of discombobulating nonsense, his “subliminal self” is a more useful construct, and his ideas on precognition could fit nicely with Einstein’s “relative time.”


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