They’re still at it…

Every now and then, I get a minor shock — when something or someone reminds me that ‘BBC Radio 3’ is still broadcasting…

Or, at any rate, is doing something that it considers to be broadcasting…

The actual spectacle, of course, is something that mostly puts one in mind of the scene that we all encounter when visiting friends who have a small child…

“And why are you dressed like that, Susan…?”

“Well, because I’m being a vet!”

“Are you really! Tell me: what do you do as a vet?”

“I take animals that are sick and hurting, and I make them better!”

“Oh, that’s so sweet…! And you, over there: what are you doing, Radio 3…?”

“Me? I’m being a serious, culture-conscious broadcaster! As the only one of the BBC’s 57 publicly funded radio stations that’s permitted to devote time to the classical repertoire, I’m making art music accessible to modern, today people!”

“Are you really…? Aww, that’s so sweet…!”


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3 thoughts on “They’re still at it…

  1. If the BBC did it’s job properly, would it not lead to riots in Grosvenor Square?
    Yes, they are “still at it,” it’s what they are for, and those who listen with an uncritical ear simply perpetuate it.
    Much of classical music has a backdrop of political and social importance, carrying truths which are inconvenient in the present climate, and accordingly the BBC is effectively dedicated to the proliferation of ignorance.
    On the ‘net, is a fine antidote to the inanity of the BBC.


  2. Fucking dreadful. Moron – this whole blog is a hilarious embarrassment; we’ve had a huge laugh over it. There’s nothing worse than a complete tool who pretends he’s an intellect. Idiot


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