That’s What I Want…

Come on: you tell me…







It takes a lot to smash The Beatles out of sight…

But Barrett Strong does it, doesn’t he…?

(Let’s not even talk about the other crowd…)


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3 thoughts on “That’s What I Want…

  1. The Beatles were still rough round the edges in ’62 I think, and Barrett Strong is way ahead of his time, but his percussion sounds rather lumpy and turgid me.
    Full marks to him for doing that in ’59, but “smashing the Beatles out of sight”?
    Well I’ve told you before – oh! you can’t do that.


  2. I’ve never heard of Barrett Strong before . . . A great version, who wrote it? . . . As for percussion sounding ‘lumpy’, might the quality of recording have improved between 1959 and1962? . . . Although there is only three years difference, you’re right, Kerry, it does seem well ahead of its time!


  3. It’s a great idea to use tambour for the percussion. Also reminds of the sound of bathing in gold coins. Musically Barret Strong rendition is superior to Beatles, I feel. Much stronger integrity, continuity, dramatism and personal involvement. Awesome, Mark!


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