We should…

… be doing this to our psychopathic, mass-murdering ruling class — partly to punish them for what they’ve done; partly to discourage others from emulating them; but mostly (of course) so that we can discover by way of scientific experiment just what it is that makes our ruling class so appallingly evil

Instead, we are obeying our psychopathic, mass-murdering ruling class — and doing this to some of the most sensitive and intelligent and behaviourally complex of all the innocent beings ever to have evolved on the earth.

Purely for (minority, ruling class) profit.

As I write these words, it is as clear to me as it is to anyone else with an uncorrupted intelligence — and no, that probably doesn’t include you — that the human race is already (yes, already: now, today, at this very moment) driving the world over the climate change cliff: it’s now too late to start doing anything about what we’ve done to our planet (not that we would anyway) … with the result that our high-tech society based on insane waste and dementedly casual cruelty has between five and ten years left — yes, as little as that! — before it is destroyed by climatic and ecological disasters of its own endlessly forewarned creation…

And I am glad.

Yes, really: I am.

For, whatever post-human system comes into being on this limitlessly fecund Earth once we and our limitless evil have departed forever, it sure as hell won’t contain any creature that makes its crappy, worthless little living by stuffing rats into bottles


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4 thoughts on “We should…

  1. I’m sure the people who do this have a logical argument for what they are doing.
    Life would certainly be easier for them were that the case.

    Is their failing that they do not appreciate that logic alone is not enough?
    Logic and stupidity can co-exist quite smoothly, and someone who excels at science should not be expected to be wise in all areas, or to have to choose between being cruel to a rat, or lose their job and imperil their children.

    This experiment was designed for a purpose, and funded, by people who would, by a variety of means, have been distanced from the harsh reality; and carried out by people under varying degrees of duress.
    That someone could countenance this cruelty is a sign that their inner voice is lost beneath a new imperative.
    True science needs a balancing influence to stop it studying the blackbird’s song by first making an incision …


  2. Read Guy McPherson’s massive Essay on the subject – He gives us until maybe 2026. He mentions many positive feedback loops, that once started cannot be stopped. I also read in Counterpunch the massive decrease in insect life in Europe and also in Australia. Prople used to complain about the number of insects on the car, that no longer seems to be the case. Scary times!


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