For Fran…

Let me confess right at the start that I don’t really know Fran Wilson — according to her Twitter profile ‘Pianist, blogger, writer, concert reviewer, flâneuse, Burmese cat lover & lapsang souchong drinker. Publicist for ‘.

In fact, I only really know two things about her. First, she stands up for worthy causes online — which means I’ll stand up for her any time I might even suspect that she needs me to. (Not that she’d ever ‘need me to’, of course…)

Secondly, I know that she calls herself ‘The Cross-Eyed Pianist‘. But that’s as far as my knowledge goes on that score: I genuinely don’t know (and I can’t tell from her photo) if she really does exhibit — I won’t say ‘suffer from’ unless she tells me she suffers from — one or other variety of strabismus, either constant or intermittent.

(Which, incidentally, reminds me… Way back in the mid-1990s I used to go out with a girl who — and I’m not making this up! — was a student of ophthalmology at the University of Liverpool. Late one night, in her college room, we were staring longingly into each other’s eyes… “D’you know, you have a really small esotropia?”, she said. “And that’s not all…!“, I said. Ah, the 1990s! A vanished decade of spontaneous comedy gold…)

Anyhoo, the point is that my net-buddy Fran is — by her own admission! — spending time this very evening in the company of a good friend “listening to and discussing various recordings of Schubert D960“.

Which revelation prompts me to post the following short– very short! — music clip from that work … i.e. from Schubert’s very late Piano Sonata No. 21 in B flat major, written in 1828, during the last months of his tragically short life.

Fran (and her pal, presumably…) will know why I’m posting it. So will some — though probably not many — of my regular readers. But don’t worry: I’ll be back in a few days to make everything clear to everyone.

For the time being, just ponder the following question: if a toweringly great composer wrote this extraordinary passage in a piece … and you heard a performance that omitted this passage … would you not feel a degree of resentment over the loss…?

That’s all I’m saying for now…


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