Utterly Disgusting…

Former oil executive Justin Welby bows before the King of Oil…

In this picture, you see the head of the established, ultra-civilised ‘Church of England’ meeting the absolute ruler of the most backward society on the planet.

Look carefully at that image, and tell me: who’s in charge…?

Answer: oil and money are in charge.

Disgusting, or what?


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3 thoughts on “Utterly Disgusting…

  1. And it’s Scotland’s oil, thr is masses and masses of it, so u r absolutely correct. They lied and taxed it to the hilt prior to Indy ref in 2014, also even rigged 1979 devolution vote as oil was on tap and had been, in fact since the 1950s. Companies like BP are all part of the political sabotaging of Scotland’s independence. Labour, Tories, Lib dems and thr pals around the globe, all connived with secret services at their whim to ensure Scotland did not gain Indy! Ever.

    I wish we had no oil, of gas, or gold or anything like that, I really do. See what’s happening in Venezuela for what greedy countries do to get at another countries’ oil. They kill for it, they create havoc, create war, and faux revolution among the people of that country and generally make sure the outside world see it as a rogue state, lefty, rogue, enemy of every other country. It’s frightening but real.

    Re Scotland’s oil, all proceeds r taken by UK treasury, Scotland see non of the revenues. It’s why thy kept Scotland poor and begging for yrs and yrs. Labour included, all troughers! Sadly we also now have gold, and silver and other rare minerals, and Tyndrum nr Loch Lomond is set to be n
    blown to bits for it, ScotGold, an Aussie company, got thr way just last week, after yrying for planning for mny yrs. Also, water, Scotland is awash with the stuff, Saudi not so.

    Reckon May n her hard brexiters r selling UKOk off very, very cheap, especially Scotland. Saudi’s r well dodgy and wld hv no qualms about using force to stop ScotIndy! I know it’s not all about Scotland, but fact is that is where the majority of the resources are, and the UKGov and US’ weapons stores. Human rights? What is that? We r truly fucked if hard brexit and Scotland is still shackled. Fckg scary.

    I just hope they don’t find any lithium here, please god, no to that.

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  2. The crown prince is a paragon of virtue compared to the tribal war-god* the archbishop worships.

    *Reference The Book of Joshua ch 8,9,10.


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