There just aren’t the words (2)

I say, you fellows…

Here’s a Christmas Quiz Question for you all…

Are you ready?

Here it is…

Do you know what does ‘BWV’ stands for…?

Maybe you didn’t quite get that, so let me ask again — taking care to make certain that I’ve got the question right:

Do you know what does ‘BWV’ stands for…?

Take a moment to think about it…

Well: does you knows what it means…?

Or knows you doesn’t what it means…?

Myself — looking at the following graphic — I’d say that what it means is that no-one gave a rat’s about what had just been typed into the space. Not at all. Not even enough to quickly check it over before uploading it to the internet — because it’s not about pop music

So, do you know what does ‘BWV’ stands for…?

If you don’t, my shy advice would be to ignore the question altogether — until you’ve fully accepted the sickening truth about what the BBC stands for


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2 thoughts on “There just aren’t the words (2)

  1. The Bach-Werke-Verzeichnis (BWV; lit. Bach-Works-Catalogue) is a catalogue of compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach. Please send my prize to my e-mail address.


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