Tory Britain (6)

On the twelfth day of Tory Xmas

My true-love pointed out to me…


• 127,600 children without homes;

• 9,000 rough sleepers;

• More than 2,000 food banks;

• A triple stroke and brain tumour patient with no speech and hardly any mobility declared ‘fit for work’;

• 1.9 million pensioners and 3.8 million working people in officially defined poverty;

• 17 million people of working age with savings of £100 or less;

• A homeless man who froze to death in a Taunton car park on Boxing Day;

• ‘Employment and Support Allowance’ cut by £30 a week for cancer patients;

• 50 Tory MPs calling for a public lottery to raise £120 million to pay for a new ‘Royal Yacht’;

• ‘Universal Credit’ in deliberately engineered chaos — and its victims accused of making up ‘hardship stories’;

• 120,000 deaths linked to seven years of ideological austerity;

• 20,000 badgers pointlessly slaughtered in a single year — at a rate of 54 per day and a cost of £2,500 each;

• Illegal fox-hunting protected by the police — because, whatever you think is going on, this is actually a class war;

And, instead of that famous partridge…

• Dead pheasants, bred in battery cages by the tens of millions every year in order to give rich perverts something live to shoot at — and then dumped in bags, all over the countryside, in defiance of disposal regulations, because the deviants don’t even try to eat the numbers they kill…


HAPPY NEW YEAR, everybody.

Let’s hope 2018 is the year when a very heavy rain washes this stinking country clean…


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One thought on “Tory Britain (6)

  1. Brilliant. To say nothing of officials in Manchester and London and no doubt other cities, patrolling the street in the early hours, checking to see if any homeless people have died, so they can be removed from the street before the general public emerge and find them lying there. disgraceful.


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