Tory Britain (4)

Seven years of Tory rule — seven years of society-destroying neoliberal junkonomics; seven years of ‘rob the place and run’; seven years of pampered stupidity, untouchable corruptionvicious cruelty and utter, utter incompetence — and whole areas of British life are such as would make an alien observer think that the people involved were literally insane

This is now a country in which a city authority has its own trees systematically cut down — all for the sake of corporate profit


This is now a country in which professionally produced signage conveys the illegal announcement that selected nationalities are barred from fishing in privately owned waters — all thanks to resurgent racism and elite-fuelled xenophobia… (And, yes, the owner of the land is a former Conservative councillor…)


This is now a country — God help us! — in which trees are actually fitted with spikes to prevent birds sitting on their branches — all for the sake of rich people with expensive, shiny cars to look after


And all this is before we get to the 400,000 children who live in poverty — every one of them among the million kids currently getting free school meals who are about to find out that they don’t qualify under the new Universal Credit rules…

Is there any viable future for a country of this sort, travelling on this kind of road to utter degradation…?

I can’t see one…


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2 thoughts on “Tory Britain (4)

  1. Let us not forget that Sheffield City Council is run by Labour, and that Blairite Labour administrations have been complicit in furthering the PFI rip-off in the public sector. This shows that both Labour (even under the relatively decent Corbyn) and Tories are unfit to govern (I will not say dysfunctional, since they are functioning very effectively in lining their own pockets). The only party that has its priorities right is the Green Party (only the Green councillor in Sheffield has stood up against the mass tree-felling, at the risk of her own liberty, having become the subject of a court injunction issued by the Labour council). VOTE GREEN!


    • With all due respect, Labour is not ‘under Corbyn’: he is merely the official (membership-appointed!) leader of a party that is still utterly infested with Red Tories: people whose allegiance is to global capital, shameless self-enrichment, US-led imperial violence, and racist rogue-state Israel…
      I myself have no tribal allegiance to the Labour Party: I’m not even prepared to be a member, knowing how strenuously the out-of-control Party machine still works to subvert internal democracy.
      I was a Green Party member for years. The only reason I don’t vote for them is that the FPTP system guarantees that it would be a wasted vote in this area…


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