Hohoho! Hehehe! Hahaha!

John Lennon — born October 9, 1940 —  would have been 77 today.


To me, it comes as a shock every time I remember that when he was murdered — in December 1980 — he was still only 40 years old.

Lennon, as photographed by Annie Leibovitz on the day of his murder.


A few years back, someone looking for a way of painting me as clever and stupid at the same time tried snootily to take me to task about my love for the Lennon-McCartney songs… 

“I don’t understand why someone like you would be interested in The Beatles”, he said.

“I believe you”, I replied.



Shy note to pop video producers everywhere: ‘Hagiographic psychedelic literalism’ is a no-no: it’s distracting; it’s pitifully unimaginative; and it dates like hell.

As for the music, on the other hand: I don’t think any inspiration has ever given birth to a more perfectly realised song.


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