Uncle Ralph at the Fillums…

(And before anyone gets it wrong: it’s ‘Rafe‘, not ‘Ralf‘…)


(Oh, and that cat is ‘Foxy‘…)

And now, for your viewing and listening pleasure, we proudly present…

London Can Take It (1940)

(Not really a ‘VW film score’, as the music consists merely of two short sections drawn from a recording of A London Symphony [1912-13]).


49th Parallel (1941)



The Flemish Farm (1943)


Coastal Command (1943)


The People’s Land (1943)


The Loves of Joanna Godden (1947)


Scott of the Antarctic (1948)

(This attempt to edit and present VW’s massive score — around half of it never used in the movie — is utterly incompetent: I’ve looked at every page the British Library has, and what’s on this CD is a disgrace…)


The Dim Little Island (1948)

(Not really a ‘VW film score’ — as he himself well knew when he denied having produced it in a letter to The Times. This recording’s attempt to present a transcription of the music used and adapted for the soundtrack is also utterly incompetent: the opening clarinet solo, for example, ends with a passage of sheer garbage that doesn’t correspond at all to the music on the film. I could go on; but since you’re never going to buy this worthless CD, I won’t…)


The England of Elizabeth (1957)


More follows…


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