Oh, what fun…!

Via Twitter…

From Henry Wood to Jools Holland…

The BBC’s destruction of the Proms, ladies and gentlemen, in one single image.

That image posted — in nauseatingly servile fashion! — by the inevitable, cheerleading, BBC Radio 3 employee

Apparently, in ‘the world’s greatest festival of classical [sic] music’, this is Prom 65: ‘Stax Records — 50 Years of Soul’ … and — oh, look! — there’s Tom Jones…


Thank God for ‘the Proms’, eh…? I mean, otherwise, people might never have seen or heard Jools Holland or Tom Jones. Well, outside of all the other BBC programmes they’re on, obviously…


PS: Another recent BBC-related posting is here:

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One thought on “Oh, what fun…!

  1. I believe the 2017 Proms have marked the lowest point of what used to be a fine classical music festival. The relentless pursuit of populism at any price reflects the contined fragmentation of the musical output on Radio 3, whereby its incessantly gushing presenters like to include jazz, American showtunes, Lennon and McCartney, country and western, folk, – anything in fact except what this station’s remit is supposed to be and clearly ignorant or perhaps, indifferent to the views and tastes of its core audience. I continually switch off as a result. I also find it significant that the lion’s share of televised Prom concerts have been given over to this kind of drivel too.


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