‘Tory! Tory! Tory!’ (4)

Related imageThere’s an age-old philosophical conundrum that goes…

If a tree falls over in a forest,
And the BBC chooses not to report it,
How is it still Jeremy Corbyn’s fault…?

In the most recent formulations, however, that conundrum — a staple of sophomore philosophy courses everywhere! — has been re-written somewhat. In the trendiest, most ultra-modern circles, it goes…

Isn’t it amazing that everyone with a decent laptop now has the power to make their own videos in which clips of BBC news broadcasts may be juxtaposed with footage filmed with a smartphone? And that the silently eloquent result of that little bit of wordlessly thoughtful editing can then be uploaded to the internet faster than you can say Gleichschaltung…?

And the answer is: Yes, it is amazing.

Which is no doubt why we have just been told about the plans put in place by ‘the natural party of government’ that would give the people of the UK the very thing they’ve been demanding for decades now: an internet that is totally controlled and regulated by government

An internet, in other words, that looks absolutely identical to the modern BBC

And now, for your edification and amusement, a little recitation entitled: “She was only the Vicar’s daughter, but she taught Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe…

Thank you. I’m here all week.

And the proper item to follow in this sequence of postings will be along soon…

Uh, sorry…?

What’s that…?

Corbyn? You mean Jeremy Corbyn…?

You’re wondering about the no-hoper Jeremy Corbyn…? The guy whose appearances around the country — wherever it is that they may be happening! — are obviously of such minimal significance that the BBC (which is our scrupulously fair and objective national broadcaster, after all!) needn’t even bother reporting from them…?

Well, okay. Since you’ve asked so nicely, I’ve switched on my laptop and made a video of my own that joins together a few clips showing what this Corbyn fellow was doing on the same day that Theresa May went to Ealing and made the news with a speech of three or four minutes’ duration delivered to Conservative activists in a Tory constituency office while a bunch of worthless proles shouted outside.

Not that it matters, of course; but it turns out that this Corbyn chap — with his total lack of leadership skills and his crazy views that no-one in their right mind would ever agree with — turned up at West Kirby, up in the Wirral, by the mouth of the River Dee, and then popped over to Prenton Park, Birkenhead, to speak to whoever was prepared to let him speak to them…

And — obviously! — no-one was particularly interested in hearing what he had to say…

I mean, if either crowd had even been remotely enthusiastic about whatever insane lefty garbage he spouted at them, then everyone would know — because recordings and reports would have been all over the BBC this evening, wouldn’t they…?!?


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