Well, as not seldom, I’m back very late and practically weeping with tiredness … only to find something in my electronic ‘In’-tray that cries out for me to mention it a posting that, by any reasonable standard, I ought not to be forcing myself to write…

What’s happened on this particular nocturnal occasion is that Dmitry Orlov (whose blog you could do worse than follow…) has pointed out that ‘Russia turns 1178 today‘.

Yes, it’s 1178 years since — in Dmitry’s telegraphic formulation! — ‘a combination of Slavic and Scandinavian tribes came together into a single polity they called “Ros”.’

Now, since I myself consider that…

(i) Russia’s contribution to world culture in that ‘long millennium’ is one which, in its scale and its importance, is simply indescribably vast,


(ii) modern Europe’s own interests — basic survival included! — would be vastly better served by looking East to the people and culture of ‘Mother Russia’, rather than West to the genocidal, planet-destroying settler-colonial horror-show to which our corrupt elites currently bow the knee on our behalf…

… I really do want to spend my final semi-conscious moments of 18 May 2017 paying tribute to the vast, supra-national nation that is Russia — an empire unto itself! — and to the population and society that may very well constitute the only lifeline that will ever be within the reach of a continent so degraded that its taxpayer-funded militaries actually venture abroad to fight and murder and die in the service of US shareholder profits

So, which single clip can I provide at this point that will be a ‘placeholder’ sufficiently vivid that it offers readers a reminder that they really ought to spend a little less time looking at corporate-controlled mass-entertainment products … and a little more time attending to the work of toweringly gifted, breathtakingly courageous Russian creators from across those many centuries…?

Well, how about this one…? (It’s even sub-titled!)



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