‘Tory! Tory! Tory!’

Let me introduce you to Nick.

No, he’s not a friend of mine. But I know a fair bit about him.

For example, Nick is evidently a highly political animal, judging from his past.

I mean, just look at how impressive his political CV is! In his younger years, Nick (b. 1963) was clearly something of a mover-and-shaker in the world of Thatcher-era Conservative politics…

  • Founder member of Macclesfield Young Conservatives
  • Key activist in North West Area Young Conservatives
  • Chairman of Cheshire Young Conservatives (1982–84)
  • Member of Young Conservative National Advisory Committee (1983)
  • Vice-Chairman of National Young Conservatives (1985–87)
  • Director/Chairman of National Young Conservatives’ anti-CND front organisation ‘Youth for Multilateral Disarmament
  • President of Oxford University Conservative Association (1985)
  • Chairman of National Young Conservatives (1987-88)

But who is Nick?

And what does he do…?

Well, Nick’s Oxbridge credentials obvious talent and ability have seen him rise to positions of some prominence in Britain’s national life, by way of various high-profile jobs in state-corporate media.

Yes, Nick is someone you’ve seen and heard hundreds of times — on news and ‘current affairs’ programmes on television and radio.

Fortunately, though, these important media positions are such that they never require Nick to behave ‘impartially’, nor even particularly to disguise — not that anyone could! — the obvious intensity of that partisan allegiance.

https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/2/27/Nick_Robinson_TP_crop.jpg/800px-Nick_Robinson_TP_crop.jpgAnd that’s because our friend Nick is, in fact, the unlovely Nick Robinson — former Political Editor of BBC News (2005–2015), and currently a presenter on BBC Radio 4’s Tory Toady Today Programme.

How splendid that this shameless Tory propagandist articulate and gifted journalist has found an employer and a role so frictionlessly in agreement with his politics and his personality!


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4 thoughts on “‘Tory! Tory! Tory!’

    • ‘…day of reckoning’…

      Hillsborough deaths: no prosecutions.
      Female genital mutilation in the UK: no prosecutions.
      Westminster paedophilia and child murder: no prosecutions.
      Chilcott Enquiry: no prosecutions.
      Jimmy Savile BBC/NHS scandal: no prosecutions.
      Mid-Staffordshire hospital deaths scandal: no prosecutions.
      Bloody Sunday Enquiry: no prosecutions.
      Tory election expenses fraud: no prosecutions.

      Sorry; what were you saying…?

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