‘Tory! Tory! Tory!’

Let me introduce you to Nick.

No, he’s not a friend of mine. But I know a fair bit about him.

For example, Nick is evidently a highly political animal, judging from his past.

I mean, just look at how impressive his political CV is! In his younger years, Nick (b. 1963) was clearly something of a mover-and-shaker in the world of Thatcher-era Conservative politics…

  • Founder member of Macclesfield Young Conservatives
  • Key activist in North West Area Young Conservatives
  • Chairman of Cheshire Young Conservatives (1982–84)
  • Member of Young Conservative National Advisory Committee (1983)
  • Vice-Chairman of National Young Conservatives (1985–87)
  • Director/Chairman of National Young Conservatives’ anti-CND front organisation ‘Youth for Multilateral Disarmament
  • President of Oxford University Conservative Association (1985)
  • Chairman of National Young Conservatives (1987-88)

But who is Nick?

And what does he do…?

Well, Nick’s Oxbridge credentials and record of state-serving work for that anti-CND front organisation obvious talent and ability have seen him rise to positions of some prominence in Britain’s national life, by way of various high-profile jobs in state-corporate media.

Yes, Nick is someone you’ve seen and heard hundreds of times — on news and ‘current affairs’ programmes on television and radio.

Fortunately, though, these important media positions are such that they never require Nick to behave ‘impartially’, nor even particularly to disguise — not that anyone could! — the obvious intensity of that partisan allegiance.

https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/2/27/Nick_Robinson_TP_crop.jpg/800px-Nick_Robinson_TP_crop.jpgAnd that’s because our friend Nick is, in fact, the unlovely Nick Robinson — former Political Editor of BBC News (2005–2015), and currently a presenter on BBC Radio 4’s Tory Toady Today Programme.

How splendid that this shameless Tory propagandist articulate and gifted journalist has found an employer and a role so frictionlessly in agreement with his politics and his personality!


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5 thoughts on “‘Tory! Tory! Tory!’

    • ‘…day of reckoning’…

      Hillsborough deaths: no prosecutions.
      Female genital mutilation in the UK: no prosecutions.
      Westminster paedophilia and child murder: no prosecutions.
      Chilcott Enquiry: no prosecutions.
      Jimmy Savile BBC/NHS scandal: no prosecutions.
      Mid-Staffordshire hospital deaths scandal: no prosecutions.
      Bloody Sunday Enquiry: no prosecutions.
      Tory election expenses fraud: no prosecutions.

      Sorry; what were you saying…?

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