Just Say No…

I don’t know who Jacky Tarleton is — at least, I don’t think I do! – but she’s posted a Twitter message that seems to me to make a perfectly sensible point…

Now, I never buy the Radio Times these days — I mean, why would I even look at it, when I get my news and comment from sources outside the corporate media sewer, and avoid pretty well everything that is put out by the arm of state power that is the BBC? — so I can’t really claim to know what it is that she’s talking about.

But she did attach a photo to her ‘tweet’ — and here it is:

Like me, it seems, Jacky Tarleton goes back far enough to be able to remember a time when the Radio 3 day was allowed to occupy most or all of an entire Radio Times page — with space for a lot of small print that contained the titles of just about all the works being played as well as identifying who was playing them. So, as far as I can see, there is nothing at all in her message that one could possibly disagree with — unless one wants to engage in some kind of nerdy quibble over whether we’re talking about ‘a quarter’ or ‘something slightly over a third’, or whatever.

Or, to put it another way, if what interests you about the output of our ‘national broadcaster’ is something to be found in the rotting carcass of ‘Radio 3’ — and I, for one, can’t even begin to imagine how that could be the case! — then don’t buy the Radio Times. ‘Simple as’, as they say. Why pay good cash money for your own marginalisation?

Of course, I’d go further than that. My recommendation would actually be that you try not watching, not listening to, and not reading anything that the BBC puts out or is connected with in some other way. Yes: anything at all — including the Radio Times (which, while it is now owned and produced by a private equity company, is still permitted to align itself with the Corporation’s rancid brand to such an extent that hardly anyone seems to know that it is no longer an actual BBC publication…).

Ignore it all. Stay away from the BBC. Boycott it. Avoid it like the dishonest and power-serving plague that it is…

What’s that…?

You don’t know what I’m talking about?

But didn’t we go though this a little while ago…?

Well, look: if you missed all that, that’s fine. Really, it is. There are new examples of BBC bias, BBC mendacity and BBC manipulation being exposed and discussed online several times a day, every day. You’ll catch up pretty quickly, if you pay attention…

You want to see what I mean…?

Okay, here’s just one of today’s examples…

‘Just Say No’, people.

The BBC is a cancer, and we — that’s you, me, all of us — we can kill it!


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3 thoughts on “Just Say No…

  1. We, as consumers, have a choice. Pay for crap or do something about it. You wouldn’t put up with paying for shoes with holes in the sole. People need to do what they do in Northern Ireland — refuse to pay the BBC tax.


  2. As someone who still buys the Radio Times in case there happens to be a live concert that I actually want to listen to, I thought you’d be amused by a classic blooper from the current issue as it not only highlights the nadir of this once fine publication, it also demonstrates breathtaking ignorance about film music. In the listing for tomorrow afternoon’s “Sound of Cinema” (Matthew Sweet’s wretched weekly survey of film music), we are told that the “1948 Oscar-winning score to EASTER PARADE by Johnny Green and Roger Edens” will be the “Classic Score of the Week”. Unfortunately, the score is by Irving Berlin. Edens and Green were merely the arrangers. Amusing, what?


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