Spit and Polish…

https://i1.wp.com/thefuriousengineer.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/BBC.jpgI don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned my opinion of the BBC on here — has the topic ever cropped up, at all…? — but if I haven’t, this might be a good point at which to reveal what I think of it. In a single sentence, my view is that Britain’s national broadcaster can fairly be described as the enemy of pretty well everyone who pays for it and of literally everyone who pays attention to it.

If any reader wants me to explain why I say that, I’ll happily walk them through the reasons sometime (just make sure you bring sandwiches and a flask); for the moment, let me simply point out that, even though this is Christmas, the BBC’s lie-machine is still roaring away in high gear — fuelled by your money, if you are a license-fee payer (which I am not)…


Aleppo celebrates. Film footage here; article with video here; ‘Victory Tribute’ video here

For example, just the other night I went to bed after watching online footage of Syrian people dancing in the streets of Aleppo as they celebrated their city’s liberation from a years-long occupation by murderous, US-backed jihadi terrorists: I saw Muslim women in hijabs (‘Awful how a barbaric and misogynist culture makes women cover their heads for religious reasons!‘) joyfully embracing Catholic nuns in wimples (‘Oh, er… Um…’) in a public celebration of Christmas — all this within a secular Arab state whose multi-faith population enjoys ‘freedom of religion’…


Merry Christmas from Aleppo.

…And then, just a few hours later, I awoke to hear someone on the early morning BBC news talking about ‘the fall of Aleppo’…

Now, time was when I would have heard an announcement like that and wondered what could possibly have happened: how could a newly liberated city have ‘fallen’ in just a few hours…? These days, of course, I know perfectly well that nothing has happened: I am simply listening to some salaried media trusty (in this case, the appalling Justin Webb) revealing by his choice of words that the Corporation remains firmly on the side of the murderous, US-backed jihadi terrorists

https://scontent.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/15665928_929988727137221_5642462671767542285_n.jpg?oh=4491c4422e40c1068e82c631d8203329&oe=58E9755AYes, this posting is to do with music: just strap in until we get to that bit. Or, if you prefer, go and do something else. I’m not asking for favours.

Anyway, it’s now today … and I see that the BBC is up to another of its usual tricks — this time connected with its relentless campaign to normalise and promote any kind of right-wing populism that will split the working-class anti-Tory vote at a general election.

What I saw — because someone drew my attention to it — was the new online piece by the journalist-impersonator Mark Easton which appeared under the title ‘What did the Brexit vote reveal about the UK?‘ It contained the following lines:


Well, I don’t know about you; but for me there’s a laugh-out-loud moment in that, albeit a grim one: where I come from, anyone who experiences ‘despair’ when faced with a wide selection of Central European groceries is a racist and a xenophobe pretty much by definition.


Not to be eaten.

But Easton’s pitiful attempt at ‘rightwashing’ aside, let me list the various ways those two sentences positively stink to heaven. First, I strongly suspect that the ‘two whole aisles’ thing is a load of hooey — just another echo-chambered outpouring of inflammatory right-whinge fantasy of the ‘You can’t even say Happy Christmas to people anymore!‘ variety. (Oh, and Happy Christmas, by the way!)

You see, near my house, there happen to be two supermarkets that I am familiar with. The small one has five aisles and a back wall; the large one has aisles that must be 50 feet long: the very idea that anywhere west of Szczecin is a Tesco where ‘Polish food’ occupies either 33% of the total display space or 200 feet of shelving to head height and above is simply too ludicrous to bother with. Naturally, I have sent messages to both Mark Easton and Tesco in an attempt to find out the location of the branch supposedly being referred to;  as yet, I have not been told.


Image result for polish food

Instantly fatal to non-Poles.

Now, I myself have been in many a supermarket where ‘two whole aisles’ have been given over to appallingly unhealthy — but highly profitable! — sugary drinks and fat-filled processed snacks: anyone with an ounce of sanity would be objecting to the omnipresence of that money-spinning muck instead of hyperventilating at the sight of unusually proportioned meat products. And note also that not all foreign foods are despised equally: if our true-blue halfwit had seen shelves ranged with stuff that was French rather than Polish, it’s entirely possible (though by no means certain) that his insularity would have yielded to his snobbery. No less interesting is the way our Tory appears to find it completely unthinkable that ‘Polish food’ might actually be something he could eat. However weird the words and labels might look at outraged first glance, the fact is that a traditional Polish diet does not consist of broken glass and anti-freeze: Polish dishes are made from the same stuff that ours are — i.e. food — and, at their blandest, are every bit as unexciting.


Danger! Severe risk of ‘cultural change’.

But, as we ought to know by now, the right-wing brain is dominatingly consumed by a need to find the thin ends of slippery slopes. I can hear the warnings now… ‘And that’s how it starts: one day you’re experimenting with cucumbers in sour cream with dill — the next day your kids are coming home from school doing little sideways slashes through their letter ‘l’s… I ask you: is that what granny fought and died for…?

Funniest of all, though, is our Tory’s sudden eruption of sensitivity to the need for ‘notice’ and ‘consultation’ in situations of ‘cultural change’. Wasn’t always that way for the pro-establishment Brit, was it…?

https://www.gentlemansemporium.com/store/media/001972/001972_01.jpgI say, you dark fellows: we’re taking all this land for ourselves, as part of a little ’empire’ thing we’ve got going. This may involve a degree of cultural change for you. Oh, and a bit of genocide. Sorry about the lack of notice, but we only care about ‘consultation’ when foreign sausages are involved. By the way, you don’t have Poles round here, do you? They seem to be all over the bally place…

Living as we do in a media-soaked culture dominated by the kind of billionaire-owned hate comic capable of publishing lines such as ‘North Wales Police are struggling to cope with soaring numbers of Poles‘ (yes: see here), it’s probably necessary for me to mention that there was a time when the presence of Polish folks in our green, unpleasant land was viewed somewhat differently…

Related image

One can only presume that they didn’t bring their ‘Polish food’ with them.

Don’t worry: the music is coming. All I need to do before it arrives is mention the two respects in which Mark Easton’s bit of power-serving pseudo-journalism is most disgusting. First, there is the way it happily quotes a member of a right-wing political party without ever raising the little matter of how the ‘cultural change’ that so distresses him is the creation of right-wing economics: the neoliberal drive to complete globalisation is not only to blame for the ‘offshoring’ of manufacturing activity to countries where it can be carried out at lower cost to capital, but is also responsible for the ‘onshoring’ of vulnerable foreign workers whose role is to drive down pay and conditions over here. The behaviour of the BBC — an organisation with an elite-serving, right-wing economic and political agenda — in not merely ignoring the complete corporate enfoldment of our politics, but also in refusing to discuss modern Britain in anything other than right-wing fantasy terms is something that can have only the most injurious impact on our wider population: voters unhappy with situations actually caused by decades of what aren’t identified as sociopathic right-wing policies are being slyly encouraged to feel that the ‘solution’ lies in demanding still more sociopathic right-wing policies…

Secondly, look at how Easton presents his Tory’s maunderings without anything resembling examination or scepticism. His excuse, of course, will be one of the obvious ones: ‘It’s not that kind of piece‘; ‘There isn’t room to dissect people’s opinions‘; ‘My job is simply to report what folks are thinking‘, and so on. But just you try to bring up an idea that doesn’t fit the BBC’s carefully preserved US-friendly, capital-serving, pro-war, anti-democratic narrative: whichever resident lackey you’re talking to, they’ll find a way of either deleting your contribution or making sure that whatever you have to say is quibbled to death. (Unless, of course, you are this good or this good.)

Time for the music. What we need at this point is something every Cotswold Tory can get behind: something by a great English composer proud of his Englishness, and not the sort of person to go round creating opportunities for sneaking ‘cultural change’…

Will Elgar do…?


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6 thoughts on “Spit and Polish…

  1. I shouldn’t get up so early in the morning. That should’ve been the BBC rarely devotes much time to complaints about 30% of UK High Streets being dominated by American fast food outlets. I’m sure there are just as many complaints about that. Then again, that could mean there are hardly any at all .


  2. Saludos.
    Me parece muy lograda tu sentir sobre este proyecto.
    Desde hace cierto tiempo que siento cierto interés en esto
    y también intento buscar toda la información que puedo sobre
    este tema. La ayuda que has ejecutado me ha semejado muy oportuna,
    no obstante creo que se podría escavar un tanto más y así poder desenvolver ciertas dudas que aún poseo.
    De todos modos, mil gracias por tu aportación. Voy a estar
    atento a próximas difusiones que elabores. Mil gracias.

    Hasta pronto.


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