Friday Film (7)

I am currently occupied with another writing task, so the text I have in mind for this latest film-music posting will be a little late…

Doesn’t mean I can’t provide a few of the clips in advance, though…






4 thoughts on “Friday Film (7)

  1. I still have vinyl copies of those Gerhardt recordings. Aren’t they wonderful – the cream of London orchestral players giving it their all. And Friedhofer’s orchestrations, too. Love the vibraphone poking through at 4.15 of the first clip.

    Doubtless you have some penetrating point to make about this sword fight – which looks, on the face of it, like a re-run of Robin Hood…


  2. I forgot to mention that the Gerhardt discs were produced by none other than George Korngold. OK, so everyone knows that, and didn’t need telling…


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