‘Oi! You’re Bard!’ (4)

Switching on my computer, I discover that — out there on the interwebs! — it’s once again…

No, I don’t know who decides this, or even what it really amounts to, in practical terms. But I don’t have any objection: people waving a flag for a creator whose work they value is always fine by me. If you like it, shout about it. (And if you don’t like it, shut up about it and go and find something you do like…)

Meanwhile, over in some other corner of the online world, a person working for Welsh National Opera decides that the thing to do is to fire up WNO’s Twitter account … in order to send out an informative message about one interesting difference between the Macbeth of the play and the Macbeth known to history.

What could possibly go wrong…?



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One thought on “‘Oi! You’re Bard!’ (4)

  1. Tengo 43 años y me encuentro hablando inglés más o menos 8 años.

    Su post lo he encontrado genial para aprender idioma inglés.
    Me ha sido muy ventajoso. Lo voy a adicionar a mis favoritos.
    Le doy las gracias por el comentario.

    [From a Google translation:
    I am 43 years old and I find myself speaking English for about 8 years.

    Your post I found it great to learn English.
    It has been very advantageous to me. I’ll add it to my favorites.
    I thank you for the commentary.]


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