There are times when a picture is not simply ‘worth a thousand words’, but actually worth a thousand words that have already been written by me — and been duly denounced from every conceivable direction as unfair, unrealistic, unhelpful, unhinged, and many more ‘uns’ besides.

Or, to put it another way, if you’re a regular reader of this blog and you really can’t tell why it is that I am posting this image, then there’s no possibility of you understanding any explanation I could now give you…


Just a bit of additional information, in case anyone wants it. This is the ‘Radio 3’ which is currently pretending that it ‘is’ the old BBC Third Programme in its 70th anniversary year. This particular broadcast took up 90 minutes of Radio 3 time, and it was ‘justified’ in terms of the station’s historic commitment to ‘jazz’.

But that’s enough from me. After all, isn’t Radio 3’s hidden agenda clear by now? Can’t we all sense which way the ‘BBC Music’ wind is blowing? Is it not completely obvious that for the BBC — and the only audience it cares about — to have 52 out of 57 publicly funded radio stations broadcasting corporate-owned popular music is simply too few….?


Obviously, I could write more — vastly more! — on the subject of the BBC and what is, by now, its almost unbelievably complete loss of values, standards, direction, and editorial competence. But I won’t. As it happens, I need to go and do a little ‘catch-up’ viewing via the ‘BBC iPlayer’. You see, a friend tells me that Andrew Marr earlier used his ‘flagship’ weekend political TV programme to conduct a deplorably ‘softball’ interview … with a French fascist politician … on Remembrance Sunday…


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4 thoughts on “See…?

  1. Excellent piece, although I’m not quite as sanguine about Oborne as you appear to be. Although his damascene conversion to the anti-Iraq war cause (illustrative of his critique of Chilcot) was welcome, it still grates with me that he went along with the WMD bullshit during the build up to war. Some have excused Oborne by saying ‘better late than never’ but I don’t buy that. He was a pro-Iraq war propagandist. That his conscience subsequently got the better of him, does not excuse the role that he played as one of Blair’s key stooges.


  2. I agree entirely, old bean!
    I had one single, specific thing in mind when I said he was a man of ‘measurable’ (i.e. not ‘unlimited’!) integrity: his resignation from the ‘Telegraph’ over its compliant behaviour regarding the deeply crooked HSBC.
    (In case anyone didn’t see it:
    For the rest, I am also pretty disgusted by Oborne’s obsessional over-praising of just about every media insider he’s ever had reason to name. Andrew Marr, Charles Moore, X, Y, Z, etc: these people are not great journalists or appreciable integrities: they are — measurably! — terrible at the jobs they are (ostensibly) there to do, and they have turned our media into a sewer of power- and wealth-serving lies. Yet Oborne sees ability and quality and sincerity everywhere he looks…


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