Liars and idiots…

effronteryYup, it’s the BBC again. And among the specific people referred to are those who, for the past several weeks, have been insisting that ‘Radio 3 is 70 Years Old!‘ — i.e. that today’s Radio 3 (hahaha!) somehow ‘is’ the old ‘BBC Third Programme’ (which did start 70 years ago — and was murdered before ‘Radio 3’ was born).

Just take a look at what Radio 3 has been up to on Twitter:


Yes: with an air of delighted pride, they have been pointing to the ‘Third Programme’ and slyly pretending that today’s Radio 3 (hahaha!) is the same thing. Not just ‘a measure of continuity’ with the old Third Programme, but actual identity



Radio 3 is 70 years old…? The Third Programme is still with us…?

Not so.

nichols nichols2

If you happen to be among the ever-decreasing number of people who consider the BBC to be some kind of ‘honest’, ‘fair’ and ‘authoritative’ news and broadcasting service, do try and keep this tiny posting in mind — as a handy reminder of two facts that every BBC viewer, listener and reader who remains a ‘licence-fee payer’ needs to know…

First: there isn’t anything — important or trivial: it makes no difference! — that today’s BBC won’t lie about.

Secondly: there isn’t anything — however simple, however basic! — that today’s BBC can’t get wrong.

I’ve said it before; and I’ll say it again…

Close. It. Down.


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3 thoughts on “Liars and idiots…

  1. Mark, I have to remind you, you are not a composer, and if Radio 3 disappeared we composers would lose the best opportunities we have of hearing our music – our orchestral music in particular. The five BBC orchestras continue perform a wide range of contemporary music to the highest standards. It would be a disaster if we lost them. So rather concentrating on what I think overall are fairly small matters (and I’m not at all uncritical of the way music is presented) please think of the larger picture and don’t campaign to close Radio 3 down. All composers will agree with me.


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