This farce has to end (2)

tvlicensingletterAnother day; another farce — and, just like the previous farce, this one comes to you courtesy of the BBC, and is therefore paid for by you (but not by me: I’m ‘Won’t Pay! Don’t Pay!‘).

Incidentally, since I’ve now mentioned the ‘Licence Fee’ — that up-front charge for real-time TV viewing that’s levied against everyone in the UK who has ‘live access’ to television broadcasts, even if they never go near the BBC’s channels — let me remind everyone that the collection of this broadcasting poll tax is not something done by the BBC itself, but is one of countless activities and operations that Britain’s national broadcaster has outsourced to external providers — in this case to the scandalously incompetent and immoral Capita, at a cost of around £70 million a year. And what happens as a result is that Capita brings almost 3,000 prosecutions a week against non-payers — which is around 10% of all cases in magistrates’ courts — with about 60 people being jailed every year…

Anyway, there I was, just now, scrolling down my Twitter feed, when I saw a tweet from the ‘BBC Four’ account telling me that the channel was about to broadcast something by 60s pop star Sandie Shaw.

‘What are they broadcasting tonight besides commercial pop music?’, I wondered. And so I investigated…

And what I found — of course! — was that BBC Four (whose ‘primary role’, you may remember, ‘is to reflect a range of UK and international arts, music and culture’) was tonight broadcasting the following … which, essentially, contains nothing beyond commercial pop music…

bbc four 10 6 2016 a

bbc four 10 6 2016 b.jpg

You know, I don’t even feel I need to comment upon this muck any more. Or upon the sheer fraudulence of the channel. Or upon the absolute illegitimacy of the BBC

Close it down.
Close it down.
Close it down.


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