‘Gentlemen Prefer Ondes…’

Well, it’s Sunday, and very late — so late, in fact, that I probably won’t get even these few lines typed and uploaded before the offical start of Monday. But I don’t want to be going off to bed without uploading the following coded clip — even if it means I have to come back later and completely re-write the accompanying text in order that readers can know what on earth this is all about…

And there goes midnight: yup, it’s Monday already…

All right: here’s the clip. My thanks to Xenia now; my full text tomorrow, I mean today…

Meantime: enjoy these seven minutes of wild, ecstatic music!


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2 thoughts on “‘Gentlemen Prefer Ondes…’

  1. Such a mix of jazz rhythms. wild sound, and sentimental goo! The NY Philharmonic did it this season — glad it’s getting performed.


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