Did that posting not appear??

I’m hearing that yesterday’s posting might not have appeared as scheduled — or, at the very least, that it might not have been available or visible to everyone everywhere.

I’ve looked on my machine, and it seems all right: if you were one of the registered readers who missed out, do click on this:


and see if it’s all present and correct now.

Thanks — and, sorry about all these glitches: to be using WordPress is to be fighting WordPress — at least, it is if you’re using a computer that’s as old and rickety as mine…


One thought on “Did that posting not appear??

  1. You’re right – the second of the fugue postings was initially unavailable – I checked it early this morning when I first saw the email announcing its availability, and again a couple of hours later. But at some point it became accessible. Of course, providing a shortened URL which then converts into the original one doesn’t do anything to affect the availability of the posting, so I’m guessing some other change was made to Fugue 2 in the meantime. Anyway, all well right now. And it’s fun watching the fugue thread develop…


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