Heading Off… (3)

This is a music blog, so let me offer you some music — very touching music, too, if you want my personal opinion. And if you also want to understand the German words being sung, they might perhaps be rendered in English as follows:

And tomorrow the sun will shine again
And, on the path which I shall follow,
She will again unite us lucky ones
As all around us the earth breathes in the sun.
Slowly, silently, we will climb down
To the wide beach and the blue waves;
In silence, we will look in each other’s eyes
And the mute stillness of happiness will sink upon us.

As the ident of the panel above will have revealed, that song is ‘Morgen‘ (‘Tomorrow’) by Richard Strauss (1864-1949). It’s the fourth and last of his Lieder, Op. 27 — and it was written on 21 May 1894 to be a wedding present for his bride Pauline (1863-1950); they were married on 10 September of that year. In 1897 Strauss made an arrangement for orchestra — and this version you can hear by clicking on the panel below (though you should be aware that you are almost certain to burst into tears when you hear it, as no orchestrator in history knew what he was doing better than did Richard Strauss):

Now, back to business.

The other day I posted a few clips that presented part of Strauss’s opera Salome (1903-5) — and the reason why I did so goes way beyond that music’s (considerable) musical and historical significance. Since we all have busy lives, and no-one can afford to spend an hour a day following the divagations of my thinking, it’ll take another posting or two to reveal precisely what I’m on about; as the next stage in this ongoing process, let me present you with what is — I promise! — a very relevant clip from a TV programme shown the other year. If you watch it really, really carefully, you might even be able to work out what I’m going to say next….


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