A Blog is Born…!

Welcome to my blog!

Yes, this is Mark Doran finally catching up with the internet age!

Tomorrow — 1st December! — is the day my first proper posting appears.

In the meantime, this test-page is here to give everyone who knows me or my writing the chance to click the ‘Follow’ button — so that they don’t miss what happens next!

Can you see ‘Follow’? Feel free to click on it!

And if the ‘Reply’ box below looks at all inviting, why not use it to say ‘Hi!’ A blog is nothing without its readers — and it’ll be good to know you’re there!

Now — let me get tomorrow’s posting typed up…


3 thoughts on “A Blog is Born…!

  1. I have read your early articles and was very appreciative of your critiques and constructive suggestions. You write beautifully, with sharp and bitter humour. Delighted that I will be able to follow your blogs!!

    Liked by 1 person

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